Always Look Beautiful When Traveling Like a Flight Attendant

Looking beautiful is the most important thing for every woman all over the world. Not only women who have in-door activities such as beautiful flight attendants, women who are active outside the room also want to look beautiful even though they are active under the hot sun. Like a female traveler.

In my opinion, still looking beautiful when traveling is a new thing. After getting a lot of insults from my traveling colleagues about my appearance that doesn’t show the aura of a woman, it makes me a little less confident.

I also tried to find beautiful tips like a flight attendant that I think is suitable for travelers when doing activities under the hot sun.

Here are some ways that you can apply to look beautiful like a flight attendant when traveling:

1. Drink a lot of water

Water has many benefits in terms of health, especially beauty, when compared to beauty products, Water is incomparable. According to research, drinking enough water will make the body healthy, bright skin, and shiny hair.

Apart from that, Water helps detoxify your body and also adds additional health benefits for your internal organs. If you increase your water intake, then you will reap unlimited beauty benefits.

2. Use Moisturizer Before Traveling

Moisturizer is a beauty support that you must provide to be able to look beautiful like a flight attendant when traveling. Not only facial moisturizer, lotion, then lip balm, and eye cream you should not leave.

This moisturizer will help protect your skin and can treat dry and damaged skin. Traveling activities that have to be hot and make skin problems will be resolved with a variety of moisturizers that you use.

3. Bring Facial Spray

Although it has prevented facial skin damage with moisturizers, facial sprays that are often used by flight attendants are proven to be effective in refreshing the beautiful flight attendants’ faces from the dry air of the plane.

Choose sour water or rose water as your facial spray. This will add to your humidity while traveling.

4. Products Containing SPF and Radiation Protector

Beauty products that contain SPF and radiation protection can protect your face so that it looks like a beautiful flight attendant. according to research, SPF can protect the skin from UV rays that are harmful to your skin.

Radiation shield itself is useful for those of you who often travel at high altitudes. According to research, the higher you stand, the higher you are exposed to radiation.

You need to protect yourself by consuming enough antioxidants. For example green tea, salads, or beauty products that contain vitamins A, C, or E.